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With almost 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry, Chicagoland Remodeling has morphed from a full fledged remodeling company into a home inspection company, a remodeling consulting firm, a referral network for Owners and Contractors and an online marketing solution for Contractors, With a degree in Construction Management and a minor in Computer Systems, Steve Kostro, the Owner has extensive experience in just about every aspect of the construction industry.  Over the years of developing my websites, I have become aware of the importance of online marketing and branding.  Consumers now favor the internet for their #1 choice in search of anything.  To be relevant in today’s online world you need to incorporate social media, online networking and a solid brand into your strategy to get any recognition.

Home Inspections: Chicagoland Remodeling employs a small team of licensed Home Inspectors.  All of our inspectors have completed a 60 hour course of education, passed the state exam with a 90% or better and complete 6 hours of continuous education courses per year.  Click here to learn more about our home inspections.

Remodeling Consulting & Coaching: Our consulting services cater to you. We are flexible with how involved we get in the process of your project.  Our fee schedule will also vary on how much we get involved.  An  initial consultation phone call will determine the overall price.  Click here to see some of our remodeling consulting & coachi ng services.

Contractor Referral Network: Our Contractor Referral Network in the Chicagoland area is similar to an Angie’s List, BBB and Yelp, but has been built based on a Contractor’s past performance, word of mouth reputation and Customer Service. Click here to find out more about our Contractor Referral Network.

Contractor Marketing & Websites: What is the #1 way consumers look up businesses to get quotes?  …GOOGLE and a close second is the word of mouth. Here at Chicagoland Remodeling, we know exactly how Google operates and how to get your name relevant in the online world.  Click here to find out more about our website, marketing and branding services.

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